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Grand Prix #3

Join us for the 3rd Grand Prix. Players from the 15th Annual Western Alliance Summer Chess camp...

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Winter Chess Camp: December 21-23,2018

Welcome to our Winter Camp at the Sonoran Science Academy! With its spacious rooms and a good, central location, we are happy to host the yearly event at one of the most prominent chess schools in Tucson. It will be  a 3 day, 2...

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Sonoran Science Academy Chess Club 2018-19

Welcome to the adjusted version of a highly successful Chess Club at the Sonoran Science Academy. It will be organized by Arizona Chess For Schools at the request of the S.S.A Administration. The start date is set for August...

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Labor Day Tucson Chess Camp: September 1-3

Are you eager to get back to Chess and compete in tournaments? Are you interested in learning new stuff? Then join us for this Back-to-school Labor Day Camp! It will comprise of 3 different group levels and will be taught by a...

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o all tournament players, This event is the follow up of the general Grand Prix series and as usual takes place right after the Western Alliance Summer Chess Camp (June 20-29th). If you are looking to play chess, practice lines...

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Tucson Chess Center July Camp: July 2-6

Join us for a very unique camp, a fine collaboration between TCC and Arizona Chess For Schools. It will comprise of a very fluid version of camps that students are so used to in Tucson. It will include Chess History as well as...

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