Welcome to our Winter Camp at the Sonoran Science Academy!

With its spacious rooms and a good, central location, we are happy to host the yearly event at one of the most prominent chess schools in Tucson. It will beĀ  a 3 day, 2 hour per group Camp for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced groups. Each day we will cover different topics so students will be able to join individual days or do all 3 (best option). Coaches will be chosen accordingly and may range between International Masters Levon Altounian and Aleksei Duilgher to FM and one of the most experienced main Tucson coaches Ken Larsen to the Sonoran Science Chess Club Coach Ed Kestler and several experts such as Matthew Coy. Registration is by mail or online at events4chess.com.

downloadable PDF:winter camp 2018_12

downloadable Doc: winter camp 2018_12


To request info you can email us directly at LALTOUNIAN@MSN.COM