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Western Alliance Summer Chess Camp: June 26-30 It is that time of the year again! One of the largest Summer Chess Camps in Arizona is here. Summer Chess Camp + USCF tournament is Tucson is now open for registration! We had over...

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Tucson Chess Center July Camp: July 2-6

Join us for a very unique camp, a fine collaboration between TCC and Arizona Chess For Schools. It will comprise of a very fluid version of camps that students are so used to in Tucson. It will include Chess History as well as...

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GRAND PRIX #4 JUNE 29TH, 2013 This was the last of the 2012-2013 Grand Prix series held at the International School of Tucson (IST) This time the tournament was attached to the Western Alliance Chess Camp but normally it is a...

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Regional Qualifier #1

REGIONAL QUALIFIER #1 – MARCH 10TH, 2012 This one is a must! It is a Qualifier for the upcoming 2012 State Championship and is USCF rated. If you qualify here, then at the next Qualifiers you can play fun sections to gain...

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Recap: Chinese Center USCF Tournament: Dec 17th

The 4th one of its kind event took place at the spacious Tucson Chinese Cultural Center on December 17th. What a wonderful tournament! In addition to a record breaking participation, we also had a great turn-out in the...

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Upcoming Event: Monthly Camp-September 24th

If you are interested in learning chess secrets in a very affordable and friendly environment- then the “Monthly Camps” are for you. Camps such as these give students a chance to get ready for the Chess Season while...

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Anaconda Summer Chess Camp: August 5-7th: Finished

9th ANNUAL ANACONDA SUMMER  CAMP:August 5-7th 4 different rating  sections/ 1.5 or 2 hour a day groups. Objective: To have an explosive start in the 2010-2011 chess season. Main Instructor: International Master Levon...

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Why Chess is good for your IQ

Chess benefits for kids Playing chess can be a good strategy to promote learning. By Cheryl Stritzel McCarthy, Special to Tribune Newspapers December 21, 2010 A prodigious body of research says that chess for youngsters...

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Ryan Manacheril (1800 USCF)

Ryan is a young chess player/coach that has not only lot of chess titles behind his belt, but a fair amount of chess coaching as well. Ryan was a member of the Gilbert High School Champion Chess Team and has won several trophies...

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