Welcome to the Grand Prix #2!

It will be the 2nd one from the 2013-14 Season as you might have correctly guessed!

It will be very similar to the Grand Prix #1 in terms of how it is run, the place it is hosted, overall sections, trophies, medals and so on.

Click on the flyer to download it and share with friends and teammates.

Use this link to see the results from the Grand prix #1 to get a better idea who plays in the Grand Prix: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201311097832

The registration will be as usual at Events4chess.com under “Grand Prix #2” and by mail.

It will be also posted at sazchess.org under the “Events” on the main page for your convenience.

Grand Prix #2: Doc format GrandPrix 2013-14 #2

Grand Prix #2: PDF format GrandPrix 2013-14 #2