What a wonderful event!

I want to thank all the Tucson Chess parents who took the time to drive to Gilbert for the weekend of April 21st and to the organizers for running such a smooth event.

This year the State Championship again included all K-12 grades both in Individual and Team formats and I have to proudly say many Tucsonans as well as ACFS students and players I individually coach did awesome.

Many of you came home with big smiles and trophies, medals and plaques to match it. Not to mention some toys K-1 students got for just being there.

Many Tucson teams won top honors also, some successfully defending their titles obtained last year.
Quite few players also proved they are also very quick witted- besting the best in the Blitz shootout held on Friday.

Here are some of the most noteworthy results from my stand point:

So thanks again to AZ Chess Central and all the dedicated coaches and parents for helping this wonderful and memorable event take place.


Cruz Nunez: 2nd result
Max Coy: 3rd result

Soren Aletheia-Zomlefer / Sreekar Bommireddy / Rohan Mittal- 2nd result

Main Event

Josemaria Vlacich 2nd
Rishik Puranam / Patrick Nagle – 4th result
Kitar Olsen- 5th result


Manzanita- 2nd
Ventana Vista- 5th
IST- 7th
AOT- 12


IST- 1st (congratulations! the repeat of last year’s success story)
Montessori Schoolhouse- 2nd


Sam Hughes- 1st (great job!)
Basis Tucson-2nd
Canon View- 3rd
St.Joseph- 5th


Basis Tucson- 1st

Basis Tucson-1st
Orange Grove-2nd

Here are few pictures from some happy winners.

If you did well and would like your picture added to the article, send it my way.