This tournament was part of the 1st Annual Western Alliance Tucson Summer Chess Camp, and was held at St.Gregory College Preparatory School in Tucson, AZ. It was open only to the Camp participants. There was 1 section open to all, therefore prizes and trophies were based on performance and rating rather than points accumulated. We were also able to match people in the individual games based on rating closeness, thus eliminating a situation of anyone playing too far up or down.

The tournament was directed by Roy Benson, who is a seasoned tournament director, having directed numerous tournaments in Arizona and other states. Everything went smoothly, and we were able to organize a brief lecture and some blitz games between the highest rated players and some coaches between rounds. The tournament started a bit late but finished on time. We gave out trophies and certificates, and prizes for best participation in the lectures and Blitz.

Thank you to all who participated.

Winners: Samuel Cotter, Svetlana Temyanko, Anthony Constantino.

Below is the official tournament quote from the USCF website ( )

Event Summary Event WESTERN ALLIANCE CHESS TOURNAM (200606301971) Location TUCSON , AZ 85712 USA Event Date(s) 2006-06-30 Sponsoring Affiliate GVR CHESS CLUB (A6025912) Chief TD ROY BENSON (12731382) Processed Received: 2006-07-09 Entered: 2006-07-09 Rated: 2006-07-10 Stats 1 Section(s), 16 Players
Tournament Results