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Tucson Open: January 20-22, 2012

Time has come for the annual Tucson Open! It is one of the most exciting tournaments of the year and accommodates adults and children alike. It also allows for a flexible schedule such as a 1 or 2 day Scholastic and a 3 or 2 day...

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Dear players and chess parents, To make it as convenient as possible for everyone to find tournaments, camps and other events right here in Tucson, we will keep updating this particular post with all upcoming events and their...

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Tucson Open, January 24-25, 2010: To me, the Tucson Open is one of the most enjoyable tournaments of the year. It is also one of the several Tucson tournaments that adult players’ participation is truly encouraged. For the last...

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Gurczak-Lebovitz from Tucson Open

This was one of the most theoretical games of the tournament. It showcases deep knowledge of the Gruenfeld Defense theory and can be enjoyable for both beginners and Masters. (1) Gurczak,John (2059) – Lebovitz,Andrew...

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IM Levon Altounian wins the 2009 Arizona State Championship.

Tucson Open is one of my favorite competitions in Arizona to participate in. The tournament is one of the three adult tournaments held in Tucson each year and therefore attracts many adults from all over, while younger players have many more opportunities to compete during the chess year.

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Andy Lebovitz (USCF Rating 2000); Expert

Andy is the winner of the Under 1800 Section in the North American Open (2001), and shared First Place at the Tucson Open (2005). He coaches at various schools, including Basis, Tucson Elementary and High School (2004-2005)....

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