Anaconda Winter Camp: December 26th-28th, 2010

Anaconda Chess Camps are now in their 7th year of making and as popular as ever. As many of you know, we organize a Winter Camp at the end of each December and the Summer Camp in the middle of every August.

For the 2010 Winter  Camp ACFS decided to not only slightly tweek the format to allow for greater participation but also partner up once again with one of the Tucson’s most prominent coaches- FM Ken Larsen.

We also added an Adult Mini-Camp on the last day of the camp to give a chance for higher rated players as well as adults to have a chance to learn. What a difference it made! While there seem to be no slowing down in the stream of brand new players for the Beginner and Intermediate groups, the Advanced group usually proves to be a much bigger challenge. It seems that there are not that many players of the 1100-1500 USCF level. There are plenty players of Under 1100 level and plenty above 1500 but not in between. We recognize the challenge and the future Camps will especially address that issues because unless players pass that level, the next rating level will not have as vibrant and full of young talents as once it was.

Each group participant on each day also had a chance to win numerous medals, prizes, ribbons, certificates and much more. That always inspires young players to do their best and learn the most.

Prize Winners:

Day 1: Bailey Axen , Sarah Zeitlin, Kennie Strong, Max Machaud, Ryan Thompson, Algol Jorajuria

Day 2: Eeshan Joshi, Teo Belk-Arenas, Gus Nichols, Caelan Brown, Emma Wing, Gabriel Gutierrez

Day 3: Ian Orringer, Cammie Strong, Ben Van Allen, Tommy Belk-Arenas, Spencer , Ashwin Mittal

Thank You all for coming and we are looking forward to seeing you at the future ACFS Camps and tournaments.

Levon Altounian and ACFS Administration