The State Championship took place January 7th, 2012, with the Blitz tournament happening January 6th.
The event drew couple of hundred players into all the sections- from Kindergarten to High School.
It was first time organized by the Foothills Chess Club and went very smoothly.

Thanks you to everyone who helped organize it and all the players and parents who spent the entire day there supporting students and teammates!

Here are some highlights from the Arizona Chess For Schools as well as my student’s results:
Some are new and some were previously with ACFS, so we are still very proud of them!

Blitz Tournament Results for the ACFS students: January 6th, 2012


1st place: Soren Aletheia-Zomlefer
2nd place: Derek Chen
3rd place: Thomas Mathine
4th place: Kinsleigh Wong
5th place: Sreekar Bommireddy

Main Event: January 7th, 2012


Kindergarten: Co-Champion: Matthew Tajeda, Trophy:Gavin Jump

1st Grade: 2nd place: Arun Moorthy, 3rd: Rishik Pranav
2nd Grade: 4th place: Yulia Savine, 10th: Andres Oliva-Martinez
3rd Grade: 2nd place: Robert Young, 5th: Arjun Moorthy, 7th: Quinn Hudson, 10th place: Andrew Smith
4th Grade: 9th place: Rahul Pranav
5th Grade: 4th place: Ryan Thompson, 5th place: Daniel Shevelev, 6th place: Thayer Aletheia-Zomlefer
6th Grade: Co-Champions: Ethan Li and Prateek Pinisetti, 4th place: Sreekar Bommireddy
8th grade: Co-Champion Bohan Li, 5th place: Rohan Mittal, 6th place: Sumhith Aradhyula
High School: 2nd place: Kinsleigh Wong, 4th place: Soren Aletheia-Zomlefer, 5th place: Derek Chen


2nd Grade: 3rd place: Castlehill Country Day School
3rd Grade: Co-Champions: Harelson Elementary and International Schools of Tucson

The link to the USCF website with the results can be found here:,com_wrapper/Itemid,181/

Below are some pictures from the event and good luck to everyone!