One more wonderful event where it feels like 3 days were not enough for all the teaching, learning and all the fun we had.

The duo with Coach Ken Larsen all these years has been working very well, as we compliment each other’s styles of teaching. Once again we had a record breaking numbers, especially in the groups 1 (Wildcats) and 2 (Coyotes), while the group 3 (Hawks) actually worked out very well too. But as my previous article discusses, the top groups is always hard filling in. At the end, we had completely full groups 1 and 2 and about 12 people in the top group.

I think everyone had a blast and we even got some wonderful responses from the students and parents.

The 3 Camp days were divided between “Openings”, “Middlegame” and “Endgame” lectures and lessons and were geared towards helping students succeed at the upcoming State Grades in January.

Each day students were encouraged to participate in the discussions and offer their own ideas about concepts discussed. Being able to win prizes each day as well as competing with each other for the top trophies and medals was yet another way to maximize their potential.

Thank you all for coming and my personal thanks to Ken for doing such a wonderful coaching job at the camp!