Join us at the Bio5 Chess Club on Friday, May 3rd for a special free lecture by State Champion IM Levon Altounian for all 1400+ players!

If you are below that rating- you can be part of the free lecture by one of the Bio5 Chess Experts.

After it join us for a Blitz tournament open to all and win cash prizes!


Lectures: 6-6:45 Lectures with IM Levon Altounian and a BIO5 Chess Club Expert.

BLITZ TOURNAMENT: 7:00 PM: 4 Double Rounds. Registration Open at 6 PM

PRIZES: 1ST PLACE: $40 / 2ND PLACE: $25 / 3D place: $15 Open section.

$15 for best performance U1800, U1500, U1000 and U700 categories.

IM Levon Altounian’s participation is possible. He is not eligible for prize money.

Cash prize fund is based on 30 entries. 50% Guaranteed.

Download Flyer here:

PDF file:  BIO5_Blitz,    Document file:BIO5_Blitz


For Questions: Lena Sheveleva:  (520) 609-8325 or