This tournament was part of the 4th Western Alliance Tucson Summer Chess Camp and was open to all non-camp players. We had 22 players in the OPEN section and 23 in the RESERVE. It was held on the same spot as the Camp that took place right before it (June 23-27, 2009), at the Green Fields Country Day School premises.

The tournament was directed by John Wright, who was assisted by Gordon Ruan. Besides trophies, certificates and medals there were also prizes for the RESERVE section participants based on rating, performance and age.

OPEN Section: 1st Carlos Boteo Trujillo, 2nd Rohan Mittal , 3rd Daniel Katzel. Also shared by Derek Chen and Nicolas Johnston.
RESERVE Section: 1st Hugh Fox, 2nd Henry Wang, 3rd Leamon Crooms.

Check out the Tournament Results at USCF.

SIMUL: June 23 : 27 participants including some 1700-1800 players, played Levon Altounian, Bohan Li and Udaivir Singh got “best results “ for drawing Levon in their games. Both played very well.

BLITZ: June 24:  26 participants, 1ST place Gordon Ruan (ineligible), 2nd Josh Leonard (ineligible) 3rd place (but 1st place trophy)- Kinsliegh Wong, 2nd David Wang, 3rd Thomas Mathine

UNDER 1200 – 1st Aiya Cancio, 2nd Josh Burchard, 3rd Zak Cancio. Special prize- Luke Hinderacker

BUGHOUSE: June 25: 16 teams, 32 players, rating cap – USCF 3000 max. together.
1st Derek Chen and Sreekar Bommireddy
2nd Udaivir Singh and George Ruan
3rd Bohan Lee and Rohan Mittal
UNDER 2200
1st Cepheus  Martinez and Liam Matthews
2nd Dylan South and Henry Wang
Special Prize: Jackson Utsch and Cole Sohn