Welcome to the Tucson Chinese Community Center Winter Open USCF Tournament. It is open for adults and young players alike and where we strive for not only having everyone play equal level but also have a super strong Master Level also.This tournament is USCF rated and will be held at the wonderful Tucson Chinese Community Center as usual.

If you enjoy a fairly quick time control where at the same time you are in no rush to make moves, this might be a tournament for you. Add to it the fact it is USCF rated and is held at one of the most comfortable and prestigious chess playing sites in Tucson and numerous Individual and sectional trophies and medals and it is easy to see why this event has been always popular for last 3 years.

As usual, there will be special “best performance” ¬†and most of the pairings will be adjusted by hand to make sure players get best possible pairings. No one likes playing too high or too low when it comes to USCF rated tournaments and addressing that is just one of the unique advantages this Tournament provides the players.

The event is open for all the brand new and experienced (up to Master level) players in several sections and is perfect for young players.

In other words, do not miss it!

For the downloadable flyer, click here:TCCC WINTER OPEN 11