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Western Alliance Summer Chess Camp: June 26-30 It is that time of the year again! One of the largest Summer Chess Camps in Arizona is here. Summer Chess Camp + USCF tournament is Tucson is now open for registration! We had over...

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Dan Katzel (USCF 1800)

Dan is one of the most experienced chess players in Arizona. His vast experience on the chess battlefield makes him a great candidate for any kind of chess coaching. Dan always works on his chess trying to break new chess...

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Danny Shucker (USCF 2000)

Danny has shown a great understanding of chess in his recent competitions as well as a very mature level of chess coaching. He was a chess instructor in Gilbert, AZ a couple of years ago— an experience that greatly influenced...

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Ben Marmont (USCF 2150)

Ben is an Expert chess player attending the University of Arizona. He plays extremely balanced chess, which is very valuable when playing important chess tournaments as well as being a chess coach. Those looking for a coach that...

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Matt Noble (USCF 1800)

Matt is one of the most interesting chess characters in Tucson. He has several majors and currently is employed by the University of Arizona at its IT department. Matt loves active chess where action is abundant and intellectual...

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Expert Josh Leonard (USCF Rating 1995)

Josh has been a TUSD chess coach for 10 years and a math teacher for 5 years. He is the Coach of The 2007 State Champion Khalsa Elementary Chess Team, and the former Director of the SACA Scholastic Chess League. Josh is...

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