These bi-annual Chess Camps-held in the summer and winter, have been a Tucson tradition for the past 6 years. They have steadily increased in popularity with each passing year, due to our successful combination of serious chess, genuine chess enjoyment, and fun. Students are awarded with trophies, medals, and prizes for participation, good behavior, and completing their homework.

Anaconda Chess Camps are designed for every age and skill level, and encompass a broad spectrum of chess. The greatest emphasis goes to subjects such as tactics, positional play, openings, middlegame planning and endgames. However, we also concentrate on practicality, and applying certain skills to tournament play.  It is common at the camp to have an instructor discussing subjects such as the psychology of the game, how to play higher or lower rated people, and how different age or rating groups play or think, among other topics.

All the Anaconda Chess Camps have multiple groups and coaches each day, the most prominent coaching alliance being with FM Ken Larsen, who has taught at least one camp every year.

The Anaconda Summer Chess Camp typically runs in the mid or late August, and is one of the best and fastest ways for students to get back to chess before the school year begins. It addresses also one of the most common fears of an average student: getting back to chess competitions after couple of months of inactivity. We see a lot more confidence in attending chess club and tournaments for those who attend the Summer Chess Camp.

The Anaconda Winter Chess Camp usually takes place during the Winter holidays (near  Christmas/New Year) when schools have a break. It is very popular for serious tournament players. Since the Arizona State Grade Championship typically takes place in the early or mid January, most players who attend the Camp look to do well at that tournament. They try to learn new secrets that can be helpful and most score better-than-average at the State Grades.

We are looking forward to having seeing you there!