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Tag: David Adelberg

Arizona State Championship; Victory is Sweet!

This year, the Arizona Chess Federation experimented with getting back to the old system of running the most prestigious tournament of the year- The Arizona State Championship. If you remember, the last 2 years the Arizona State...

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Scorpions vs. Tennessee Tempo

Well, my mood is not where it was writing about the match 1. We did OK and mainly it was “thanks” to me not winning a 95% winning position. Before the match most were predicting a win for our team and we did come indeed very...

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Alejandro Ramirez Recaps the Scorpions First Match!

The season could not have started better for the Scorpions!  I have not played in the USCL in several years now, but I have been the TD for the Dallas Destiny and I frequently attend their matches as a spectator.  I have to say...

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