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Thanksgiving Camp Recap:

  The Annual Thanksgiving Camp took place November 26th and 27th. As usual, the Camp catered to strong and new, old and young and consisted of 3 sections, up to 1600 USCF. Day 1 saw “Middlegame” as the theme of...

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Spring Spectacular! 1-day Chess camp: April 30th

  The 1-day Chess Camps are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to get information students cannot get anywhere else. We concentrate on specific subjects for each Camp and this time the main subject will be RATING...

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1-Day Chess Camp. January 29th, 2011

MONTHLY CHESS CAMPS: SIMPLEST AND MOST COST EFFECTIVE WAY TO GET BETTER AT CHESS INSTRUCTOR: 2011 AZ STATE CHAMPION LEVON ALTOUNIAN Interested in getting better at chess and finding out new information? Planning to play in...

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Monthly Chess Camp: September 25th, 2010

The Monthly Camps with IM Levon Altounian are starting back in September! Learn from the 2010 AZ State Champion the secrets of Attack. Camps are one of the most efficient ways to get chess information unavailable anywhere else....

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