If you are interested in learning chess secrets in a very affordable and friendly environment- then the “Monthly Camps” are for you. Camps such as these give students a chance to get ready for the Chess Season while having fun, learning and becoming friends with other chess players. This time the topic will be “Attack” and all related subjects. The camp participants will learn about simple and complex attacking ideas and patterns, learn to find threats and look for tactical solutions to every position and a puzzle. The camp will be divided into 2 parts- Learning part and the Practicing part. In the Practicing part students will play given position and look to find solutions that lead to a win. In other words- a small simulation of a real life chess straggle. Groups for borderline players  also could be adjusted to make your trip easier or the class more accommodating to your schedule. Don’t miss it!

to download the flyer, click here: SEPTEMBER 2011 monthly camp color