LOCATION: Tucson Chinese Cultural Center. 1288 West River Rd, Tucson, AZ, 85704.
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DESCRIPTION: 4 rounds: 2 Sections. Open, Reserve (U 1500) and Booster (U900). Special “MASTER” section in the “Open”. Open to all current USCF members. 50% discount to all TUCSON CHINESE CULTURAL CENTER members.

TIME CONTROL: Game in 40. Or 35 minute +5 sec increment per move.

BYES: ½ point byes available if requested at least 2 rounds prior.

SCHEDULE: 4 Rounds: At 9:30 AM / 11:00 AM/ 1:00 PM/ 2:30 PM. Closing Ceremony immediately after the rounds are completed. Pairings may be done as to make the best match-ups possible.

TROPHIES: Trophies and prizes in each section.

CONTACT: Information: Levon Altounian (520) 891-3632 or laltounian@msn.com

LECTURE: Free chess lecture by a master for all participants, relatives and spectators at 12:30 PM.

FEE: $20 if mailed before May 10th, $5 more afterwards. Checks made to: Arizona Chess For Schools (2772 N. Neruda Ln, Tucson AZ, 85712)

ON-SITE REGITRATION: On-site registration between 9:00 AM-9:25 AM.
Make sure you are a current USCF member (uschess.org- under “Members”).

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