The Tucson Chinese Community Center (TCCC) and ACFS will host their 2nd USCF Rated tournament on October 2nd, 2010. Those who have had the pleasure of attending the previous events at TCCC, surely remember the spacial playing room, beautiful waiting room and the wonderful and relaxing atmosphere that TCCC is all about.

This time around we will once again have 3 main rating groups, together with theĀ  signature “Master” section available for all Masters and Experts. There will possibly be other sub-groups in every division with their own prizes and possibly trophies, so stayed tuned!

One of the most unique things we are able to do in such USCF Rated tournaments is the ability to pair some games by hand, thus making sure as many equal strength games take place as possible. That eliminates to large extent one of the typical complaints of most high rated players in terms of opponents they will face in similar 4-5 round USCF rated tournaments.

Below are the fliers and for registration and questions please do not hesitate to contact us.See you all there!

chinesecentertourneyOctober2010 Doc Format

chinesecentertourneyOctober2010 PDF Format