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Welcome to the Grand Prix #2! It will be the 2nd one from the 2013-14 Season as you might have correctly guessed! It will be very similar to the Grand Prix #1 in terms of how it is run, the place it is hosted, overall sections,...

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Grand Prix #1 Recap

Grand Prix #1 November 9th,2013 IST School What a wonderful event! Over 70 participants of all age groups and levels. There were 3 sections (Open, Reserve and Booster) with many subsections. Prizes were awarded all accross the...

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7th Summer Camp (June 26-30th) Recap

7th ANNUAL WESTERN ALLIANCE SUMMER CHESS CAMP JUNE 26-30TH What a pleasure hosting so many wonderful, young and vibrant chess enthusiasts at this event! We had a record breaking year (65 students) with once again 4 groups...

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