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BIO5 G/10 TOURNAMENT: June 14th

BIO5 will host its first ever Game in 10 minute tournament on June 14th with cast prizes and a lot of chess fun! Be sure to join us at the tournament and check out the chess site while you are there! LOCATION: University of...

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ASU vs U of A Chess Match: Recap

  Information and the article contributed by Jeff Semmens and Jeff Green This school year has been the first in a decade that ASU has organized a competitive chess team. Since the Pan-American Intercollegiate Championship...

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Fide Master Warren Harper (USCF 2350)

Warren is very competitive on the chess board and probably at every other sport and board game he plays. Becoming a Texas State Champion is not an easy feat! He is currently a student at the University of Arizona and just placed...

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University of Arizona

Instructors: Professor Sandiway Fong, Levon Altounain This is one of the most fun and educational chess projects I have embarked on. It started as an experiment after having long conversations with the U of A Business school...

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Andy Lebovitz (USCF Rating 2000); Expert

Andy is the winner of the Under 1800 Section in the North American Open (2001), and shared First Place at the Tucson Open (2005). He coaches at various schools, including Basis, Tucson Elementary and High School (2004-2005)....

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