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Tag: national championship

Viktor Yee (USCF 1900)

Viktor has always been an aggressive and dangerous chess player, which made him a very valuable player for the Foothills High School Chess Team in their quest for National Championship titles. He also coaches a basketball team,...

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Castlehill Country Day School

Instructor: Levon Altounian (2002-present) Assisting instructors: Masters Leo Martinez (2002-2003) and Nirosh Silva (2004-2005) Castlehill Country day School has been one of the most successful Arizona schools for the past...

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St. Gregory College Preparatory

Instructor: Levon Altounian Assistant Instructor: Expert Jonathan Shacter ( 2006-2007 ) Because of the great proximity to Castlehill grounds (practically next door neighbors),  St.Gregory was able to capture the graduating...

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