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Tag: International School of Tucson

2013 Chess Club Flyers

As you know, ACFS is proud to organize or otherwise be involved in After-School Tucson Chess Club programs. Below are several Club informative fliers that readers asked for frequently about: CASTLEHILL COUNTRY DAY...

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Grand Prix #4: June 29th

GRAND PRIX #4: JUNE 29TH, 2013 It will have be similar to the previous Grand Prix tournaments and held also at the International School of Tucson (IST) near UMC Hospital between Campbell and Grant streets. Players get a chance...

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GRAND PRIX #3 : Recap and the final standings

GRAND PRIX #3: MARCH 2, 2013 SPECIAL PRIZE FUND: $240 ATTENTION! THE NEXT GRAND PRIX #4 IS SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 29TH, 2013 The tournament was the 3rd one of the 4 planned Grand Prix events for the 2012-2013 school year. It had a...

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The 7th Annual Western Alliance Tucson Summer Chess Camp is under way and open for registrations. There are less than 2 months left before the next Western Alliance Tucson Summer Chess Camp! This is your chance to join the...

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