This tournament was the finishing touch of the widely successful 3rd Annual Anaconda Winter Chess Camp, held December 23-26 in Tucson ( St. Gregory College Preparatory School ) and attracted a big group of the best High School players, many of whom were High School National Champions or went on to win them in the upcoming years (as Individual Champions or as part of the Foothills High School Team in 2005-2008). The games were very intense and often went past the given time controls due to the 5 second Increment rule. When the smoke cleared, the Brownell family had secured the top 2 trophies in the OPEN and the 1st place in the UNDER 1600. It was also directed by one of the sharpest minds around- their father Roger Brownell (coincidence?). Everything went very smoothly and once again we had an opportunity to match some players to experienced players and coaches during the breaks (most notably to coach FM Ken Larsen). A notable point: we had the president of the Harvard University Chess Club, Arin Madenci, participating in the tournament, having flown to Tucson the day before.

We had 12 players in the OPEN Section, 7 in the UNDER 1600 Section and 25 in the UNDER 1200 Section.

OPEN: Landon and Bryant Brownell
UNDER 1600: Caryn Brownell
UNDER 1200: Kinsleigh Wong

Below is the official quote from the USCF website ( )

Event ST GREGORY WINTER OPEN (200512271991) Location TUCSON, AZ 85733 USA Event Date(s) 2005-12-27 Sponsoring Affiliate SOUTHERN ARIZONA CHESS ASSN (A6001870) Chief TD ROGER BROWNELL (12747883) Processed Received: 2005-12-27 Entered: 2005-12-27 Rated: 2005-12-27 Stats 4 Section(s), 44 Players
Tournament Results