ACFS has found a great partner in the face of the Unity Chess Club (headed by FM Pedram Atoufi) in Scottsdale, AZ. He has a wonderful facility that is perfect for tournaments, camps and every other type of chess studies. This time the Camp was similar to my Monthly Chess Camps in the format, group division and the overall conditions. I was very pleased to see so many new people there, eager to learn chess. Overall strength was very impressive too- lots of young talents at around 1600 USCF. Subjects covered included Opening Theory, How to Think, Psychology of Chess, Tactics and more. When having fun- time truly flies and I didn’t feel how the Camp came to its close. I think it was very beneficial that we dedicated a portion of the Camp to answering chess questions too. We are planning to make many more similar events with Pedram so please check our website frequently and make sure you are on my e-mail list. The dates for the Scottsdale Summer Camp are set too! It will take place July 28-31 at the beautiful facilities of the Unity Chess Club.