It is a pleasure adding one of the best chess players in the USA to our Honorary Instructor list— Alejandro Ramirez. I have known Alejandro for several years now, and he is not only a very strong and solid chess player, but also a very interesting person to be around. Even though he is residing in Dallas and attends the University of Texas, Dallas majoring in Computer Graphics, he travels to Arizona frequently. It started with him coming here for a summer Chess camp and it gradually grew into other chess activities. Alejandro is now a part of the Arizona Scorpions.

November 1st, 2009 marked the date when Arizona Chess For Schools was able to organize a unique Chess Camp with Alejandro. It drew 45 chess players of all ages and strengths- ranging up to 2200 USCF, with everyone hoping to learn something special from Grandmaster. We hope to continue this tradition and we are open to all offers of enhancement of Arizona Chess through working with Grandmaster level players.