For the next few months, ACFS (Arizona Chess for Schools) is teaming up with an ever-energetic IM Danny Rensch (congratulations on the official title!) and ACE (American Chess Events) to provide Tucsonans with a chance to participate in Master Classes with several leading Grandmasters. In January, players will have a chance to learn from GM Alex Yermolinsky.

The event will be held on Thursday, January 28th in Tucson. GM Yermolinsky was one of the world’s elite chess players not so long ago and is an experienced chess coach. He will be flying to Arizona for lectures and for playing in the Tucson Open on the weekend of the 23rd. Sessions are open to all rated over 1600 USCF. For details, please visit American Chess Events at . Do not miss this truly great opportunity to learn from this exceptional chess player! Please email Levon Altounian at to register or for additional questions.