The 2nd Annual (TCCC) USCF Rated Tournament
October 2nd, 2010
Organized by: Arizona Chess For Schools

The USCF Rated Tournament took place in the Main Hall and consisted of 3 separate sections, divided by rating: Open / Master section, Under 1500 USCF and Under 900 USCF. TCCC has one of the most comfortable playing halls in Tucson that are suitable for such chess events so it is always a pleasure organizing USCF tournaments there.

53 players of all ages, backgrounds and strengths came to battle each other for the glory, trophies, medals, rating and just for the plain bragging rights. As the tradition is now when running these tournaments, we try to make the Master Section as strong as possible. Also, by tradition, we awarded more trophies and medals than all other similar tournaments and each participant got a personalized certificate too. The tournament was directed by John Wright and all the rounds were promptly finished by 4 PM.

OPEN SECTION: This time we were able to get FIDE Master Pedram Atoufi, the organized of the Scottsdale Unity Chess Club, to come down to Tucson. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) no one was able to put up a very serious resistance and without much trouble he secured the 1st place in the Open Section and gathered couple of USCF rating points along the way.2nd and 3rd place winners respectively- Rohan Mittal and Thomas Mathine played very well and saw their rating jump a lot. Amazingly the next 6 players on the list performed almost exactly like their respective ratings predicted they would perform.

UNDER 1500 SECTION: Theodore Day and Udaivir Singh tied for 1st place with 3 points. Next with 2.5 points were Jacob Van Der Leeuw, Denham Carlisle and Sasha Malofeev. All of them also saw their ratings increase.

UNDER 900 SECTION: I was very happy to see so many young and new chess fighters in this section. First place was confidently won by Theodore Neill with a perfect score. 2nd place was Luke Hinderacker and 3rd place was shared by no less than 7 players!

I would like to once again thank all the players, TCCC Staff, all the volunteers and tournament directors and organizers for making this event such a fun and exciting event.

Below is the link to the complete tournament – with adjusted ratings and placement.,com_wrapper/Itemid,181/

DOC format:TCCC_October2010

Levon Altounian

Tournament Organizer. Arizona Chess For Schools