The time has come for the very first Camp of the year 2012!
As most of you know, short chess camps are one of the best ways to get precise and new information and get some practice with it too. That is the reason we hold a chess camp (big or small) about every month. This Camp will take place right after the Tucson Open so many players should be in a good shape.

The subject is also intriguing: Improving your TACTICAL VISION
That means working on variety of subjects such as combinations, calculations, general tactics and intuitive feel.

It will as usual have 3 different groups based on rating and sometimes age. The top group might be adjusted to better fit the majority of sign-ups so it might be as low as 1200 or as high as for 1800 USCF rated players. If you are in that category, please e-mail me with a request and I’ll check about who else is planning to join and adjust the group that way.

It is great fun for any age and we hope to see you there!

Please download the file here and good luck!January 2012 monthly camp color