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Join us at the Bio5 Chess Club on Friday, May 3rd for a special free lecture by State Champion IM Levon Altounian for all 1400+ players! If you are below that rating- you can be part of the free lecture by one of the Bio5 Chess...

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Recap: League Match #2

The League Match #2 (November 5th, 2011) results are out! The tournament was held at a spacious Harelson Elementary school and hosted a couple of hundred players in K-3, K-6 and K-8 sections. The tournament was in the Individual...

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Recap:Halloween Spooktacular Camp, October 29th

  What a fun chess Camp! The costumes, masks and visual imagery was simply outstanding and it was extremely hard to pick the winner in each group for the best Costume. At the end we had to vote and see which one got the...

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Levon Altounian’s Chess Apps for iPhone and iPad

IM Levon Altounian has authored 3 chess apps available though Chess U for your iPhone or iPad. Check out Early Carlsen, World Cup 201, and World Cup 202. Chess U is an amazing new resource for beginners and advanced players...

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Why Chess is good for your IQ

Chess benefits for kids Playing chess can be a good strategy to promote learning. By Cheryl Stritzel McCarthy, Special to Tribune Newspapers December 21, 2010 A prodigious body of research says that chess for youngsters...

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Samuel Sevian- Youngest Master Ever!

Below is the link to one of the most recent publications on Sam. Making a 2200 USCF being 9 years old is a Super Achievement by any standards. Congratulation to a fellow Armenian and his coach, my old friend Andranik Matikozian....

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