4 different rating  sections/ 1.5 or 2 hour a day groups.

Objective: To have an explosive start in the 2010-2011 chess season.

Main Instructor: International Master Levon Altounian, 2008-2011 AZ. State Champion.

What a Camp! We did not have any complete beginners sign up (I think that is rather good sign of player’s strength in Tucson) and so we condensed 4 groups into 3. We had attendees even all the way from Kuwait! 3 days of intense chess on distinctly different subjects together with some homework, print-outs and Q and A, made this camp a very fun and strong event for all the 6 years as well as 60 year olds. Did I mention lot of prizes, medals, trophies, stickers and smiles?

Check out some of the coolest Anaconda Camp pictures on our Flickr on the Main page.

Thanks for joining us and see you for the December Anaconda Camp!