Arizona Chess for Schools, LLC was founded in 2006 by International Master Levon Altounian. It is a chess organization committed to helping, educating and enhancing the Chess Community throughout Arizona, and the Tucson area in particular.

There are two main tasks that we would like to accomplish while in service: One is to introduce chess to our community and to help them appreciate and enjoy the inner beauty of this ancient game and its long-lasting benefits. Our second goal is to provide services such as one-on-one and group lessons, simultaneous exhibitions, lectures, tournaments, camps and so on, to help increase the chess strength and knowledge of our pupils. These services are available for players of all levels and ages.

Not only does Tucson have a large and strong chess population, but it has proven itself to be an important center for chess on a whole different plane, winning many Team and Individual, National and State Championships in every level from Kindergarten to High School in the recent years. We strive to keep this wonderful tradition alive by educating and guiding chess players of any level.

The lessons, camps and lectures organized by Arizona Chess for Schools, LLC are provided by qualified chess Experts and Masters with previous teaching experience, who follow time-tested chess curriculums similar to the ones adopted by most major chess schools in New York and Los Angeles, designed for various age groups, levels, and chess needs. Many students in Tucson already enjoy the benefits that these courses provide.