JUNE 26-30TH

What a pleasure hosting so many wonderful, young and vibrant chess enthusiasts at this event!
We had a record breaking year (65 students) with once again 4 groups divided by age and strength. We also had a record number of professional Coaches, Instructors and helpers/volunteers- 14 in overall.

Thank You to Coaches: Ken Larsen, Andy Lebovitz, Matt Noble, Josh Leonard, Victor Yee, Sameer Manchanda.
Helpers: George Ruan, Dan Katzel, Ray Tan, Emma Wing, Cepheus Martinez and others.
Officers: Martha Underwood, Tina Altounian and John Wright.

Special thanks go to the IST school for making this all possible and Coach Matt for helping with the set up.

Below are some of the results from the Main Event, Evening Activities and the IST Open.

Simul: Master Sameer Manchanda- 28 boards: 1 loss (Emma Wing) and 2 draws (Charles Sheppard and Cepheus Martinez)
Blitz: Open Section (by results)- Ken Larsen / Aiya Cancio / Emma Wing / Amelie Olding (10 trophies and medals overall)
Bughouse: Open (first 3 places by result): Winners: Ruan / Olding team but by trophies- 1st Lei-Ratner team / 2nd Bonser-Cancio team / 3rd Patil-Leenhouts. Under 2000: 1st Bekker-Jackson / 2nd Coy-Feyereisen / 3rd Altounian-Martinez and Fadia-Clark . Medals went to 5 more best performing teams based on overall rating and even age.

IST Open:

Open Section: Overall winners: 1st-2nd Dan Katzel/ Matt Noble. 3rd Cepheus Martinez but who got 1st place trophy because Coaches were not eligible. 2nd prize- Scotty Bonser and 3rd- Roy Benson.

Special trophies and medals went to many participants based on their merits and coach evaluations but here is the shortened official list: Congratulations!
Austin Troike / Amelie Olding / Moira Gidseg / Aleks Bekker / Max Bekker / Robert Leenhouts / Milo Ratner / Ethan Pieroni / Raj Patil / Zac Cancio / Nitish Bhamidipati / Kynasen Johnson / Eli Cindrich / Cruz Nunez / Wali Ahmed / Payton Nagle and many more.

The pictures are posted on the flickr and you can see them on right on the main page of our website!

Hope you all enjoyed the event and see you next year!
Levon Altounian