Starting at 5:00 PM
Open To Everyone And Every Age Group

June 22: Simultaneous Exhibition. “Play The Master”
Can You Beat A Master? Get A Chance To Play One Of The Best Chess Masters. Win Prizes And Have Your Game Published If You Can Beat The Master! Have A Chance To Review Your Game With Another Master After The Game. Entry Fee: $15 ( Advanced Entries, $20 On Site )

June 23 Blitz Tournament. “The Fastest Mind”
How Fast Are You? Get A Chance To Match The Best Players From Arizona And Play The Instructors Of The Camp Too ! 8 Rounds- 5 Minute Games. Prizes And Trophies In Under 800, Under 1100 And Open. Entry Fee: $15 Per Player ( Advanced Entries, $20 On Site )

June 24 Bughouse Tournament. “The Smartest Bug”
How Good Is Your Partnership? 7 Rounds- 5 Minute Games. You Can Pair With Anyone As Long As The Combined USCF Rating Does Not Exceed 3000 Points. Proof Of USCF Rating Required. 2 Sections: Under 2000 Combined Ratings And Open. Prizes And Trophies For The Winners In Each Group. Entry Fee- $15 Per Player.( Advanced Entries, $20 On Site )

June 25 Wild Games. “The Wildest Person”
Can You Think In Unusual Ways? 6 Different Wild Games, Such As “Gotta Take, Swedish Chess,” Etc. 2 Sections: Under 1000 And Open. Prizes And Trophies For Winners In Each Category. Entry Fee- $15 Per Player. ( Advanced Entries, $20 On Site ) The On-site Registration For Each Activity Starts At 5 Pm. Rounds Start As Soon As Pairings Are Ready.

Approximate End Time: 7:30 PM Each Day.
Discount: $60 Total For All 4 Activities & Tournament

Location: Green Fields Country Day School
6000 N Camino de la Tierra, Tucson, AZ 85741

Click here to Download the Side Activities/Tournament Registration Form
5th Annual Western Alliance Summer Chess Camp