The tournament was part of the 2nd Western Alliance Tucson Summer Chess Camp and was open to all non-camp players. We had 17 players in the OPEN section and 32 in the RESERVE. It was held on the same spot as the Camp that took place right before it (June 25-28, 2007), at the Green Fields Country Day School premises.

The tournament was directed by Vaishnav Aradhuyla (a National High School Champion) and went very smoothly. It started on time and finished on time. Besides trophies, certificates and medals there were also prizes for the RESERVE section participants based on rating, performance and age. It was very interesting watching seasoned players by age and strength compete with the new and growing chess youth of Arizona. Some games were played so well that they got published on numerous websites. Notable point: a number of players in the tournament were in the K-1 section and scored their first and therefore probably most memorable victories in this exact tournament.

OPEN Section: David Lopez, Svetlana Temyanko, George Ruan and Michael Reed.
RESERVE Section: Ryan Thompson and Christian Schmidt.

Below is the official quote from the USCF website ( ) reflecting the tournament.

Event Summary Event WESTERN ALLIANCE CHESS CAMP TO (200706291211) Location TUCSON, AZ 85741 USA Event Date(s) 2007-06-29 Sponsoring Affiliate SOUTHERN ARIZONA CHESS ASSN (A6001870) Chief TD VAISHNAV ARADHYULA (12671954) Processed Received: 2007-07-17 Entered: 2007-07-17 Rated: 2007-07-17 Stats 2 Section(s), 49 Players

Tournament Results